MeMee will host routine tournaments on its platform. Participants can enter and post memes anonymously. In order for the memes to persevere, they have to have viral worthy potential. Users must use MeMee’s in- app tools to make original content and memes that are gracing the platform and the internet for the very first time. The most engaging meme wins!

Out of the myriad of users, the top hundred meme makers will earn golden MeMee points redeemable at the MeMee store. The top three winners receive Amazon gift cards.

The Judges

MeMee is a platform made for the people and judged by the people. It is the users of the app that will get a chance to act as jury and rate the memes that enter each tournament. The content will be shown to the judges during the tournament period as anonymously uploaded. This is so that the rating is done fairly and the prize goes to the funniest meme. Users who judge the memes will earn MeMee coins in exchange for rating content. They can accumulate these coins and use them to buy items from the MeMee store.



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